21–22 Jun 2025 333 days to go!


Someone once said, ‘courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear’. When it comes to promoting accessibility, whether that be children in wheelchairs accessing playgrounds, individuals with coeliac or people with allergies accessing a world they can live in carefree, it can be fearful to stand up and say, this is how it should be, I should be able to live in a world where I can visit any restaurant and eat without a worry. Too many people do not understand the severity of the consequences of an allergy if it cannot be seen to the eye.

Hi, my name is Victoria-Jayne, I’m 37 from Surrey, I am Gluten and Wheat Intolerant (believed to be coeliac due to my other autoimmune disorders but didn’t have the test… long story!) and have multiple allergies including fruit, plants, over 100 different trees, horses, and cats to name a few.

I am a powerchair user due to multiple complex health conditions including Dystonia and Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

I run a website and social media accounts called Legally Powered which is about Accessibilisng Britian. I write articles, blogs, social media posts and hoping to soon broaden out into podcasting to help promote access in Britian.

I am currently on the research panel for scope and am a panel reader for Motability Lifestyle Magazine and help with how they can improve content on their website and act as a sounding board. I have over 500 followers on Instagram, mostly from the disabled and sensory impairment community and am a member of multiple gluten free and allergy groups within the Facebook community.

I used to act and perform as a seasonal professional actress at The Theatre Royal Windsor, Richmond and Woking. I have done public and motivational speaking, including being a regular at home panellist for Sky’s live Great Debate and appeared on Radio 2 with Phil Williams on Mastermind, so have no problems speaking to people, in fact being in a place where I can make a difference is where I am the happiest, as they say, the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up!