21–22 Jun 2025 333 days to go!

Mirabel Lavelle

I am Mirabel, a teacher and writer and I’m going to be 60 this summer. I have lived with a milk intolerance all my life.

My two grandsons are both living with different allergies and carry Epi-pens.

I am raising allergy safety awareness locally by visiting schools and libraries to deliver interactive presentations. I want to show people that by implementing small changes when choosing food, children like my grandsons can be included at social events that centre around food.

I am also a moderator of an allergy Facebook group: UK Infants With Allergies

My Instagram page is: Instagram: mir.j.car @WritebyMirabel

My family is always on the lookout for free from ingredients and products and learning new ways of cooking.

I would love to be part of this event, play an active role, support the Free from team and to share my experience of the free From Show here in the North.