21–22 Jun 2025 333 days to go!


My name is Meredith, and on Instagram and X it is @glutenfreebrunch. I am 37, a mum of two little ones (neither of whom are showing signs of coeliac disease yet, but I am watching them like a hawk), and a Londoner, who loves to travel.
I was diagnosed as coeliac in 2010 and have of course been eating gluten-free since then, and my goodness, what a long way we have come! Brunch is my joy alongside travel which I do find tricky in some places a gluten-free diet is not always as easy to explain, but 55 countries and counting, so I try very hard not to let it limit me.
I really hope that newly diagnosed coeliacs will not feel too disheartened and with support from the wonderful community soon realise how many delicious treats are in their future.