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Lauren Woodger

Welcome to The Scatty Mum. With a decade-long journey of managing her eldest child’s Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) and subsequent development of multiple food allergies, Lauren (The Scatty Mum) knows firsthand the struggles of providing delicious, allergy-friendly meals for the entire family.

Feeling overwhelmed and isolated upon her daughter’s diagnosis nearly ten years ago, The Scatty Mum embarked on a mission to create flavourful, allergy-friendly recipes that would satisfy the entire household. Through countless kitchen experiments (and a few mishaps!), she honed her skills and discovered a knack for crafting mouthwatering dishes that were allergy-friendly, without compromising on taste.

Now, with her daughter having thankfully outgrown her allergies, The Scatty Mum shares her wealth of knowledge and culinary experiences to offer support and inspiration to others facing similar challenges. Through her blog, she aims to empower families with allergy-friendly recipes, practical tips, and heartfelt encouragement, ensuring no one feels alone on their allergy journey.