21–22 Jun 2025 333 days to go!

Isabel Ealand

I am Isabel of the Instagram account @ibs.isabel. I am 22 years old and I have been suffering with IBS for 5 years! I have completed the Low Fodmap diet and am currently living in the personalisation phase as I discovered I have loads of food intolerances. These include gluten, lactose, fructans (includes onion and garlic etc) and mannitols (includes celery, sweet potato, mushrooms etc). I set up my Instagram account to inspire other people with dietary restrictions that we can still eat yummy food and we do not have to miss out! I also wanted to bring people with similar issues together to show we are not alone as living with a condition such as IBS and be isolating and lonely! I share all my yummy baking creations and homemade meals, foodie products I am loving as well as restaurant meals and other delicious treats I find out and about and on my travels!