21–22 Jun 2025 333 days to go!

Emily Butcher

My name is Emily Butcher and i’m from Bristol. I am married to my husband Jamie and we have 2 daughters; Poppy, aged 3 and Paisley, aged 2. We also have 2 cats Rory & Monty (our girls are cat OBSESSED!).

Poppy was officially diagnosed with an IgE mediated allergy to milk at 10 months old following a severe reaction to some baby formula at 6 months old. She carries an EpiPen for this.

I created her page @Dinkyanddairyfree as a place to track her journey through various allergy appointments, milk ladder updates & also allergy (specifically milk allergy) friendly places to eat/ visit.

The account was created last March & I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the allergy community through it & understanding the trials and tribulations of everyone navigating a “free from” life.