21–22 Jun 2025 333 days to go!

Anne Iarchy

I’ve recently been diagnosed as coeliac.

Having lead a healthy lifestyle most of my life, except for a few busy years while working in the corporate world, but the last 14 years working in the health industry, this came as a massive shock.

For me personally at home it’s not a huge change. I’m a great baker, and like experimenting, so the change hasn’t been too bad.

I’m shocked however to discover the cost of gluten free ingredients and foods. I understand to a certain point why, but for someone with a disease as opposed to a life choice, this is hard to swallow.

And as a nutritionist I find that the options in the supermarket are ultra processed. With all the knowledge we have now that shows that ultra processed food is bad for us, having a show with many options is so important.

There is also a huge amount of education that’s needed. People don’t really know what gluten free means let alone cross contamination.

This makes eating out as well as at friends really tricky.

I’m at a stage where I have regained enough energy to really start pushing the message out on social media, mostly on instagram @anneiarchy and that is shared on my fb page.