21–22 Jun 2025 333 days to go!

Olive Johnstone

I struggled with symptoms of food intolerance since I was a child, but was only diagnosed with seronegative coeliac disease last year in September 2023. I’m the third member of my family to be diagnosed since 2020, so there is never a shortage of testers when I’m baking gluten-free at home!

Before my diagnosis, I had issues with on-off lactose intolerance for around 10 years, then developed additional problems with dairy proteins, gluten-free wheat starch and Quorn. Happily, I’ve now healed enough to tolerate dairy again.

I was horrified at the price and availability of gluten-free alternatives in the supermarkets, so I’ve developed a new hobby in home baking. I particularly like Becky Excell’s recipe books and the Loopy Whisk online.

I’m active in multiple online gluten-free communities across Facebook and Reddit, and have an interest in helping other people find the information they need.

I hope the attached photo is suitable – I post online about fashion, hair and makeup, so most of my pictures are focused on the makeup!