Robert Aikens

Celebrity Chef & Culinary Director, Thomas Franks Ltd

Robert Aikens

Robert Aikens is a well-known celebrity chef. Robert's culinary journey spans the globe. After training alongside the renowned Roux brothers, he spent time working at the Michelin-starred Le Gavroche. He then relocated to New York, working as an Executive chef at The Point and later The Lake Placid Lodge. In 1996, he was recruited by CEO of Citigroup to head up their Tribeca private dining room and work as his personal chef.

In 2002, Robert returned to London at the request of his twin brother Tom Aikens to launch Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea. He later returned to the United States, leading The Dandelion Pub in Philadelphia for Starr Restaurants, earning a stellar 3-star review. Robert's culinary journey continued in NYC, overseeing The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Centre in 2012.

In 2017, Robert became the Executive Chef at Espita Mezcalaria in DC, infusing traditional Oaxacan cuisine with a modern twist. He returned to NYC in 2019 as the Executive Corporate Chef for the re-opening of Pastis, an iconic restaurant.

Robert also served as the Executive Chef of Veronika, an upscale Eastern European restaurant in Manhattan. During the pandemic, he created the popular Ghostburger pop-up in DC, known for its unique burger blend which became a personal favourite of President Joe Biden.

In April 2023, Robert relocated to London to oversee culinary operations as the Culinary Director at Thomas Franks Ltd.