Lajina Leal

Lajina Masala

Lajina Masala was set in October 2013, to teach authentic Indian home-style cooking and has created 7 spice blends which are free from all allergens, they have been laboratory tested and are low in fat, sugar, salt, are gluten free and suitable for vegans. 

Indian cooking can be so healthy, tasty and fresh when cooked correctly and Lajina is passionate about sharing those skills with her clients.  She encourages her clients to learn and experiment with their favourite ingredients and flavours.  

Lajina has lost over four and half stones by eating curry most days, weight training in the gym and daily routines that are part of a healthy lifestyle.  She has another couple of stones to lose and believes this will happen naturally as she is enjoying this holistic journey. 

Lajina teaches families to cook in a virtual curry club and has corporate clients for whom she delivers team building experiences, specifically created to suit their needs, time management, logistics and teamwork will be built into the corporate packages as standard.   

You will learn the skills to create your favourite dishes, bursting with fresh flavours so delicious that you will want to re-create the flavours time and time again. Lajina's approach is friendly, informal, casual, fun, yet extremely productive.   

Steven Lamb gave the following testimonial:  “Lajina is a rarity in the food world in that she has no ego but instead is a champion of great ingredients and wonderful cooking. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has a true sense of food community which celebrates the varied and vibrant producers that are local to her. I shared the stage with her at Grand Designs Live and giggled most of the way through her demonstration at her sense of fun and then was blown away by the food she had prepared. She is both entertaining and super talented.”