The Allergy & Free From Show

22 – 23 June 2024 Olympia Events


Jordon Cox

Britain's Coupon King

Jordon Cox

Jordon is a deals and coupon expert, known as the ‘Coupon King’ on This Morning, and a weekly columnist for Netmums. It’s his job to teach people the best tricks to save money, and how get a good deal. What started as a hobby at age 15 helping his mum save a few pound on her supermarket shop, he’s now an expert on bringing down the cost of your groceries, high street shopping, restaurant bills and more. Known for his wacky money saving escapades, he once got £600 of supermarket shopping for just 4p by using over 500 coupons - but he was still gutted it wasn’t completely free! What many people don’t know, is that Jordon was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in his late teens, which meant he saw first hand how much ‘free from’ food costs! So Jordon is armed with plenty of tips and advice to get your ‘free from’ food shop that little bit cheaper.