Jen Ritter

Writer & Teacher, Gluten-free Travels the World

Jen Ritter

Gluten-free Travels the World, is the celiac advocate of Knight’s Tales,  both founded by Jennifer Ritter, M.Ed. A writer and teacher for decades, and now a coeliac/gluten-free advocate.  Her latest children’s books are about coeliac students who learn to feel empowered about their dietary needs and overcome negative emotions or limitations.  

Today’s students need the SEL(social emotional learning). I want to facilitate classroom discussions of diversity, inclusion, special dietary needs, and social awareness within the school setting. My focus has always been to help children feel empowered so that they confidently can stand up for themselves and instil change when necessary, specifically for inclusion. My children’s books exemplify this mindset. I am thrilled to be on this journey alongside so many others who also have specific dietary requirements.