The Allergy & Free From Show

22 – 23 June 2024 Olympia Events


Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed

Founder, Gift Wellness Ltd

Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed

Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed is a renowned entrepreneur and expert with over 25 years of experience. She holds a PhD in multiculturalism, specialising in women's rights, and has a diverse background that includes leading urban regeneration initiatives and representing Britain on foreign office delegations as the CEO of the British Muslim Forum. Beyond her professional career, she is deeply committed to philanthropy, serving as the Chair of The Halimah Trust, a charity she founded in honour of her daughter. Zareen is also the Founder & CEO of Gift Wellness, a social enterprise that tackles period poverty with award-winning natural toiletries and an innovative app called Period Angels. Her latest venture is a consultancy using VR technology to address discrimination against women in professional settings by providing reproductive rights training. Zareen is a sought-after Keynote Speaker, Podcast Guest, lecturer in social entrepreneurship, and business coach. Her published works solidify her reputation, and she has authored a book titled "The Gift" that reflects her journey and invites readers to join her transformative narrative.