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Gluten Free Lamingtons

Morgan from 'How to Coeliac' shares her gluten free New Zealand classics

Posted 17th May 2021

Gluten Free Lammingtons

If you’ve never had a lamington before, here's a quick description. They are an Australian/New Zealand chocolate or strawberry iced sponge cake covered in desiccated coconut, traditionally served as squares with cream and jam

You can buy these anywhere in New Zealand, in packs of 8 at supermarkets, or massive ones full of cream found at bakeries. Some people prefer one flavour - my dad has a specific affiliation to the chocolate ones - although I would argue that the difference is minuscule.

This is the start of my journey into 'gluten freeing' the New Zealand bakery food that I grew up with.

Click here for ingredients and method.


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